Excelland has a large database of investment property. For each client, we prepare a personalized proposition, adjusted to their investment portfolio.


Our distinguishing feature is extensive experience in the field, which allows us to verify the financial attractiveness of a property and propose the most efficient solutions for its usage. 


Our clients can take advantage of the services of highly-qualified employees with practical experience in such fields as: real estate agency, property management, and real estate valuation. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

Profitability evaluation of the investment and Profitability evaluation of the investment and location

Legal and factual evaluation

Negotiations of purchase terms and prices on behalf of the client

Formal preparation of the investment

Putting property to business use

Technical assistance

Guided by the principle “low risk, high profit margin,” we implement projects with short-term and long-term investment horizons, conforming to the highest standards.


We have an extensive database covering the Tricity, its surrounding areas, as well as the whole Pomeranian Voivodeship. We offer support for projects in other parts of the country.

Our company’s speciality is the commercial property market. We provide comprehensive support for transactions concerning:


- property intended for logistics and transport
- commercial buildings and units
- office buildings
- palace and park complexes, tenement buildings


Our specialized team will comprehensively and reliably carry out transaction and commercialization processes, in particular:

- market monitoring
- property acquisitioni
- legal and factual evaluation of the property’s situation
- estimation of value and profitability of the project
- negotiating transaction terms
- dealing with the formalities

Excelland works on a permanent basis with investors seeking new localities for their investments. If you wish to sell your commercial property profitably, please contact us. Each offer we receive will be passed on to the relevant investors and we will guide you smoothly through the transaction process.


We own attractive, diverse properties: from the ones for residential development up to farms. We deliver full transaction service.

We offer a range of land properties suitable for:


- multi-family residential developments
- office buildings
- small- and large-format commercial buildings
- industrial buildings
- warehouses, logistics centres
- company offices, fuel stations etc.


We provide comprehensive transaction support:


- advise on optimal location
- help in drawing up legal and geodesic documentation
- conducting price negotiations and establishing terms of sale

We provide services for clients with diverse investment needs.
Developers and other investors seeking a specific type of property can use our database of attractive plots intended for single-family and multi-family housing, services, industry, and arable land.

Excelland employees are experts with experience in land property trading.


Excelland employees are experts with experience in land property trading. We maintain close ties with investors seeking new localities for their investments. If you wish to sell your commercial property at a profit, the services of our experienced team will be of help to you. We will contact interested investors and guide you smoothly through the transaction process.

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The experience we have gained working with domestic investors, as well as our extensive database of land property and industrial facilities throughout the voivodeship, allows us to locate the most optimal site for your investment.

We offer comprehensive support in:

- evaluating the potential of an investment and location
- comparing available buildings
- evaluating the building’s legal and factual situation
-  negotiating sales terms and prices on your behalf


We can assist you with all types of projects – from small warehouses to large production halls. Our knowledge and the experience we have gained over the years will ensure that every step of the process conforms to the highest standards.

We look forward to working with you.

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